Food culture connecting with the world, to the future

Our Message

We want to connect the wonderfulness of local speciality products with the world and connect to the future of Japanese food.

We started out as a local family butcher shop, and when we thought with the changing of generations,
we believed in the possibilities of the world market and began to move.

What we felt from exporting Wagyu beef was the potential start of a food culture. Despite the high interests of Japanese food culture around the world. I feel that the spread of local speciality products is still limited. We want to connect this wonderfulness with the world, and to connect the people involved in the Japanese food culture with the future of food.

We aim to be an export trading company of the food culture.

Main products

Wagyu beef
Processed seafood 

Our philosophy

L3C means Local connect commercial communities.
Our philosophy is to connect the commercial community (farms, local industries, people who work there) related to local food culture to the future.

Company Overview

Company name L3C,Inc
Founded February 4, 2022
Location 4-30-19 Miyamae, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Representative Junpei Toba
Business description Japanese fresh produce wholesale export trading company.
Domestic EC business operation.
Products Japanese wagyu beef, Seafood products, Sake planned.
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, etc.
Affiliated Company TOBAMEAT Co., Ltd.
1960Started pig farming
1982Opened a meat retail specialty store in Aeon Usui store in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and established Toba Meat Co., Ltd.
2020Start export business by leveraging the trust relationship with suppliers
2022Cumulative export sales exceed 50 million yen.  
Separated the export business and established L3C,Inc.
Start selling Japanese processed seafood.
Scheduled to acquire export liquor sales license.
Export results Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Kenya, Taiwan
Exportable Countries Countries with export treaties.
Please consult us about exporting to countries without treaties.

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