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local specialities
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We are an export company of Japanese food culture,
mainly in Japanese Wagyu beef.

Who we are

Our relationships of trust with the Japanese suppliers.

Our relationships of trust with the Japanese suppliers.

Our beginning is a butcher shop with a history of 40 years trading in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. We have built a trusted relationship with suppliers. The Wagyu beef can be served not only in full unit sets,but also in partial units, too. We are expanding our export business with flexible responses. 
Wagyu beef and livestock products are limited in factories that can be exported to each country of destination. We propose, procure, and supply products that meet the needs of our customers.  We also actively support exports to countries with treaties. 

Proposal of products that fully enjoy beef.

Proposal of products that fully enjoy beef.

We can propose cutting methods that match the meat quality of each part of the Wagyu beef and give advice on commercialization in countries around the world. Each part of the beef has a different taste. We identify the characteristics of the meat quality and pursue how to process it to make it "delicious". We propose these ideas to the market as new values.

A new challenge 

While exporting Wagyu beef, I was asked, "Do you handle other Japanese specialty products?" This question triggered me to aim for a trading company. We aim to be a company that spreads not only Japanese beef and livestock products, but also processed marine products, sake and seasonings to the world conveying the depth of the Japanese food culture, and connecting the people involved in it.

Many people are involved in local speciality products in Japan and people around the world can share these delicious specialities, it will bring a smile for the future.  We are trying to spread this Japanese food culture which is not yet fully popular to the world. 

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